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200 Hour Teacher Trainings

Transform your life with 200 hour teacher training!

This training is designed for students who want to take their understanding and practice of yoga to the next level. Students will not only learn to teach a powerful vinyasa flow class and be certified as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) vinyasa yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance but they will also be exposed to the key elements of the 3,000 year old wisdom of yoga.

Even if you are not sure if you ever want to teach yoga, this program is for you. The intention of this training is to make you a more centered, powerful person through deeper understanding of not only the physical practice but also incredible power available in yogic philosophy and mindfulness.

Understanding these three "realms" can ultimately enrich your practice, provide depth and awareness, and offer an uplifting and inspirational environment for healing and inner-investigation.

You will learn the fundamental principles of vinyasa yoga (linking movement with breath) and how to teach this popular form of yoga in a responsible, creative and heart-centered way based on the Baptiste Journey into Power. This dynamic practice, as well as being physically challenging, is an inspirational and effective way to open students to the beauty and potential of their own spiritual purpose.Learning how to teach the physical poses (asana) is just the beginning of the training:

- In the physical/mental realm the focus will be on anatomy, the principles of alignment, how to keep your body safe and healthy, vinyasa pacing, proper sequencing, assisting techniques and also provide an introduction into Ayurveda (the science of healthy living).

- In the energetic/emotional realm we will explore pranayama (breath control), the chakras (energy centers), body awareness, how to read bodies, how to theme a class and speak from your authentic voice.

- In the deepest spiritual realm we will explore powerful techniques to practice and teach meditation and mindfulness.

There are no prerequisites for the training except for the desire to deepen your own personal practice and the openness to the possibility of sharing that with others. The training is open to every skill level

We have attempted to create a program that would fit into everyone’s schedule. If there are training times that conflict with an import event in your life or if you have any other questions regarding the training please call Pat at 717-495-9415

Cost: $3,450*

(For the duration of the training, all of your classes and workshops are included in the cost of training)

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