Nicole Holden

Nicole graduated from Temple University in 2013 and began teaching at an elementary school in Philadelphia. She applied for a yoga teacher training scholarship because she was interested in bringing yoga to her students. When she got the scholarship in 2014 she began teacher training and an intense six-month yoga practice. Although she is no longer teaching elementary school, Nicole brought yoga to her students for a short time, and ignited her personal passion for yoga.

When Nicole is not teaching, she makes homemade lotions, toothpastes, deodorant, and much more. Nicole also enjoys Netflix marathons, traveling, cooking from scratch, and she and her husband are preparing for a new baby girl!

During Nicole’s classes you can except to begin slow, pick up the pace to warm your body, and to end with deep stretches on your mat. You will be encouraged to try everything and given the tools step by step to get your body there.