Can beginners attend classes?

We welcome beginners, our classes are open to all levels. We encourage beginners to pace themselves and trust their own bodies. In time you'll build focus, strength, stamina and flexibility. The benefits of yoga do not happen overnight but the results are lasting!


Will class be challenging for me?

Yes but you determine the intensity with which you work in each pose and throughout the process. Your first few classes may be difficult. No matter what your age or experience level, this yoga will take you to your edge-and pull more out of you than you ever thought possible.


How often should I practice?

Successful yoga practice requires discipline and wisdom. Consistency is the key to success. For life-changing results practice 4-6 days per week. 2-3 days consistently will create transformation over time. Power yoga is more then a workout - it's a conscious journey of discovery.


What if I am not flexible?

We encourage you to develop a flexible mind. You don't need to be physically flexible. All you need is to focus on letting go, sweating, breathing, moving and respecting your limitations. A yoga pose will expose imbalances, as well as physical and emotional blocks. Soon the tension and sometimes fear will release and your range of motion will naturally increase.


How does this yoga differ from other forms of yoga?

This yoga is based on intuition rather than tradition. You will discover strength and energy you never know you had! Yoga On Chocolate will indulge your mind and body!


Does power yoga incorporate meditation?

Of course. A more vigorous course is not necessarily less meditative than a slower, mellower class. The ingredients for creating a meditative state are the integrity of the teacher and the attention the student brings to the practice.